Murray Kruger

January 12, 2019


Murray Kruger of Kruger Construction, works in the trades as a general contractor, which gives him a leg up on many tool bloggers and reviewers. He actually uses the tools he reviews on a daily basis to make a living. If a tool breaks then it costs him time and money on a job. He’s brand agnostic, and is willing to give any tool a shot, no matter what color it is.

I had the pleasure of meeting Murray and his wife Natalie briefly at the last Milwaukee Tool symposium and I enjoy following him on Instagram for his daily photos and videos (you should too!).


Straight from high school, Murray worked in a cabinet/window shop. After a year passed he went straight into the insurance repair business, starting as a demolition grunt moving to drywall and carpentry, to running restoration crews. He worked his way up to being a project Manager but then soon realized he needed to be back on the tools.

Teaming up with his wife Natalie they started Kruger Construction and are based in Saskatoon, Canada. When he is not working or reviewing tools he is spending time with his wife Natalie and son Silas.

Who introduced you to making and building things?
Well it started at a very young age. My father being a carpenter and building the farmhouse I grew up in would be a huge contribution, he also showed me how to use tools and swing a hammer at a young age. I also remember my grandfather telling me stories around the kitchen table at the farm about how his family were clock builders in Germany. Their house was full of furniture his father built, his father also made violins. I would find myself staring at one he made hanging on wall of their house and now I still catch myself staring at it in my parents house. The craftsmanship is absolutely incredible. So from the stories of the family in Germany and seeing the work of my family, I’d say that really started the spark.


What feature of your workshop do you love the most?
I love that it’s connected to the house, in winter I can wander out in my t-shirt and shorts when it’s 30 and get to work. It’s also great for loading up the work truck and my family can easily come out and hang as well.

What tools always stay in your toolbox and never go in storage?
I’ve actually narrowed it down to one tool bag I carry into every site I work on.

Stiletto hammer
Mini cats paw
Milwaukee tape measure
Chalk line
Nail set
Adjustable wrench
Mini red prybar
Klein multi ratchet screw driver
Micro Klein screwdrivers
Pica pencil
Milwaukee inkzall
Torpedo level

I really feel I can make most things happen with these tools. Of course there are a ton of power tools I also use in a daily basis but these are my go to tools.


In a fire, what tools would you save above all others? 
I would roll out my Milwaukee tool chest full of tools with my Festool dust extractors and Mirka Deros stacked on top. My truck is also full of tools we use daily, so I could see my wife backing it out while I did this. I would also get the Dewalt miter and table saw out. With these tools we would still be able to function at work and rebuild the shop.

What task do you enjoy the most in your workshop?
I just like building stuff in the shop with my son from cabinets for jobs to things for the house. I really enjoy hearing his ideas and watching him become more confident with the tools.


What tool do you covet that you currently do not have?
I would love a 3D printer. I think it would be fun to experiment with and watch it make stuff.

You can follow Murray on Instagram and check out his YouTube channel and website.


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