Empire Levels UltraView LED Torpedo Levels

June 18, 2017

empire level

Empire Level, the inventor of the torpedo level, continues to deliver innovative solutions for layout applications with the introduction of the UltraView™ LED Torpedo Level. With the launch of this new design, Empire further revolutionizes the torpedo level category by integrating dual ultraviolet LEDS, optical brightener, and high-contrast e-Band™ vials to deliver high definition viewing in all conditions.

“A lighted torpedo is the preferred tool for low light applications in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, masonry and general remodeling applications but, unfortunately, the options available today either lack durability or bubble visibility,” said Rick Gray, Sr. VP and GM for Empire Level. “We’re proud to announce that our new UltraView™ LED Torpedos don’t ask users to make this type of tradeoff. This new Torpedo not only features technology that improves vial visibility in these low light conditions, but delivers on the electronic durability and magnetic performance users need.”

Empire’s UltraView™ LED Torpedo Level is equipped with a patent-pending system that utilizes dual ultraviolet LED lights that surround each vial for maximum visibility and helps to illuminate the bubble meniscus – giving users the confidence that they are measuring correctly the first time, despite low light or dark conditions.

The new UltraView™ LED Torpedo features exclusive high contrast vial surrounds for industry-leading visibility, as well as a top read window for a clear overhead view. Empire’s patented e-Band™ vials also provide maximum visibility and durability.

Just like all True Blue® solutions, the new UltraView™ LED Torpedo represents the very best in high-performing layout solutions from Empire. A Ruler Groove on the top is designed for applications that require extended measuring and marking, allowing users to insert a straight edge into the groove to create a longer measuring surface and scribe more easily. This Ruler Groove doubles as a V-Groove to help the Level easily fit on pipes. An anti-slip Surface Grip on the back of the level also provides users with additional stability so the level doesn’t slip while in use. The new UltraView™ Torpedo Level is also designed with powerful rare earth magnets for a superior holding strength on pipe and other metal surfaces.

IP54 rated for protection from dust and water, Empire’s UltraView™ LED Torpedo Level is constructed from an all metal, I-Beam frame to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions and protect the level for long-life accuracy.* For added utility, a slim tapered design allows users to easily slide the Torpedo in and out of pockets and pouches.

The new UltraView™ LED Torpedo Level is a testament to Empire’s focus on developing new technology for layout and measurement applications that provides trusted accuracy from project planning through project finish. All True Blue® products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and confirm Empire’s commitment to best-in-class durability and innovation.

* Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame and vials, and a one-year Limited Warranty on electronics.

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